Thursday, 18 August 2016

Photography with the Moto X Play - Galiff Street Pet Market, Kolkata

The "Galiff Street Pet Market" in Kolkata is a big draw for pet lovers and hobbyists. It is held every Sunday morning on Galif Street in northern Kolkata. While primarily a market for ornamental fishes, Galiff also serves the needs of people interested in pet birds, pups and flowering plants.

This is primarily a photo essay using images shot with a mobile camera - the Moto X Play. Those interested in the history of Galif Street and the mystery behind the name can visit my blog entitled "Unfathoming The Mystery Behind a Street Name – 'Galif Street" at the link:

A few words about the Moto X Play's camera. The unit carries a 21 megapixel sensor with a fixed aperture of f/2.0. It is easy to use and I enjoy handling it. Noise is controlled but the absence of RAW capture makes it less than perfect.

Time then to share a few images shot with this mobile device!

Ornamental fish dominate this market with both retailers and whole-sellers being equally active.

Fish for sale are mostly displayed in oxygen-filled packets

which are hung from crossbars or against walls of buildings lining the road.

Some of the building inhabitants take scant interest in the proceedings

While the sellers get busy explaining the merits of their wares

Not every merchandise is adequately displayed, and there are a fair amount of pots and pans pressed into service as well

Customers include hobbyists and those who earn a living from the business

And if they are not here to buy fish, they can go back with some fish food

or equipment

But not everyone comes looking for ornamental fishes.

Pigeons, especially, are a big draw amongs fanciers

Further down the road you will find rabbits and Guinea pigs on offer

And no pet market can be complete without pups on sale

The incense sticks, perhaps, bridging gaps that the talcum powder cannot fill.

Happy viewing!


  1. Awesome images, Sumit! I recall visiting this place once, many years ago; and I actually bought some fish for my aquarium in the Dooars. You've revived some old memories! :-)

    Wish you a Very Happy Birthday, and Many Happy Returns of the 19th of August! Do have one, or three on me! Cheers! :-)

  2. Thanks a bunch my friend! You think it is a good idea to start this early? :)

    1. HeHe! Why not, it's your birthday after all! Cheers, Sumit! :-)))

  3. This tour through the market was fascinating thank you so much, Sumit. Loved the diversity of animals, fish and people. It's so different from what I know.

  4. Quite an enjoyable entry, Sumit. Love all the large and vibrant photos here.

  5. Really enjoyed each photograph . Colourful ,natural and very crisp
    Enjoy your Birthday Mr Sen

  6. Now I know how to kill time on a Sunday morning during my next visit :) Wow colours. Moto Rocks 😊 and a lovely post !

    1. Thanks Geetanjali. The Moto X Play is cool tool :)

  7. Now I know how to kill time on a Sunday morning during my next visit :) Wow colours. Moto Rocks 😊 and a lovely post !

  8. amazing sir your pics here are extremely colourful thanks for exploring a new horizon of photography

  9. Wonderful post, Sumit! Hope you had a very Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it - was in California with the family & at the race track.